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A Great Dentist

Patient Testimonials

One thing you’ll notice right away when you come to Progressive Health Dental is that our entire team is passionate about changing our patients’ lives and helping them improve their health! Read on to see what our patients are saying about us.

Expertise is Second to None

- Evan T.

Recommendation for Dr. Ratto and Staff - March 2017

I can hardly say enough good things about my long time dentist, Michael P. Ratto, DDS, and his excellent staff. Over the more than 25 years of my association with Dr. Ratto as a patient, I have always received optimal dental care in every way. It may be difficult to believe, but I actually look forward to going to ‘the dentist’, because I know that I will receive outstanding professional care and a personally friendly welcome. It has been my pleasure to recommend Dr. Ratto to friends and family over the years because I can trust that whether it is a filling, routine cleaning, annual exam or even a difficult procedure, Dr. Ratto and his team are able and willing to deliver gentle, top quality care for positive long-term dental health. Thanks so much, ‘Dr. Mike’, Ali, Farah, Megan, Margaret, Cindy, Teresa for all the great care so far!

Have your treatment experiences been comfortable?

"When working on my teeth he makes me feel in control, I know that he will stop immediately if I feel discomfort or need a break. Dr. Ratto ensures that he is informed of contemporary developments in dentistry, he is a meticulous and sensitive dentist."

"Dr. Ratto is the best dentist I have ever had at maintaining a pain-free experience from start to finish, including his injections!"

"Completely. We typically leave the office feeling more relaxed than when we arrived."

What would you consider to be a strength of the practice?

"The doctor and team are caring, welcoming, and calm."

"Friendly, efficient, knowledgeable. Dr. Ratto has kept up with all the latest techniques and treatments as dental health has evolved. He also looks beyond just your teeth."

"Doctor Ratto and his team are kind, professional, and excel in every aspect of the dental process."

"Their genuine approach to Dr. Ratto's Progressive Health mission and the inviting, friendly, and family oriented atmosphere patients experience while being cared for."

What would you tell someone that is considering seeing Dr. Ratto for the first time?

"Dr. Ratto has your best interests at heart and a great atmosphere and positive communication skills. He is also up-to-date on the latest dental treatments for his patients."

"Anyone would be wise to become a patient of Dr. Ratto's, if they are seeking a dentist that cares about the whole health of his patients."

"We would encourage them to stop wasting time and make the appointment. Be confident and assured he/she will leave the appointment feeling comforted and knowing much more than their oral hygiene was addressed."


Aside from Dr. Ratto, are the other team members helpful?

"ALL members are kind, courteous and know how to make patients feel at ease and comfortable from front office staff to hygienists."

How long have you been a patient of Dr. Ratto's?

"Since he took over the practice from Dr. Spechens, so 35+ years. My husband and my two boys have all gone to Dr. Ratto, he feels like family. Wouldn't consider ever going to anyone else."

Have your concerns been addressed or have you been put at ease?

"I have always felt that my concerns were heard and considered."

What has Dr. Ratto done for you that sets him apart from other dentists you have seen?

"He has proven himself to be a professional that truly cares about the overall health of his patients and not just their smiles."

"The time Dr. Ratto has taken with each of us, individually, has not only made us feel valued but has resulted in the diagnosis of additional health concerns for three of my children. Additionally, Dr. Ratto raised concern regarding one of our ten-year-old twins, which led to the diagnosis of a hypo-active thyroid and a change in her heart murmur. We were able to detect her thyroid at an early age and begin treating it due to Dr. Ratto's thorough examination process and genuine care for his patients. Her twin sister was experiencing neck pain which Dr. Ratto also addressed and provided guidance. We feel our family has found an unexpected treasure since becoming patients of Dr. Ratto. We are comforted knowing we will not only be at ease during our visits and treatments but also that Dr. Ratto is considering as many facets of our health as possible and will guide us through any concerns he encounters."

"After 25 + years of exams, recently, while doing an annual exam Dr. Ratto noticed that my thyroid gland was enlarged and encouraged me to have it reviewed by my primary care physician. The resulting diagnoses was thyroid cancer. This may have gone untreated for years potentially becoming life threatening. Dr. Ratto literally saved my life! He is the only dentist that I have ever had that performs such complete exams."

Why did you choose Dr. Ratto?

"I chose Dr. Ratto for his reputation of excellence when treating cosmetic and aesthetic issues."

Do you feel Dr. Ratto's team members are helpful?

"Yes, without fail! We feel comforted knowing the staff will always provide me with the information we need to ensure our family stays on track with visits, referrals, and treatment options at future visits."

Explains Extremely Well

Ortho Care

"I have been especially impressed with the Interceptive Orthodontics for my children. Their smiles have been transformed and their need for a second phase of treatment has been minimized."

No More Pain

Dr. Ratto has done wonders for me! No more pain from my sore gums.

People are also saying...

Can't stop smiling to show my pretty teeth. My crooked front teeth have been an albatross my whole life. NO MORE!

Demands Excellence

Seeing Dr. Ratto for the 1st time

"Dr. Ratto provides comprehensive care while using cutting edge technology."

"Dr. Ratto takes the time to listen and respond to my dental concerns. He includes me in the decisions about my dental care and treatment options."

"Dr. Ratto and his staff are helpful because they care about the health of my teeth and gums. His staff places emphasis on teaching me how to care for my teeth to prevent decay and promote good oral hygiene I tell others that are considering seeing Dr. Ratto, that they are making the right choice for their dental health."

Experience Has Been Comfortable

"Dr. Ratto and his staff continually check on my comfort level during my appointments. All of my treatment experiences have been comfortable."

Switched to Dr. Ratto

"Recently my husband finally relented and switched to Dr. Ratto (only after years of me telling him to switch!). Upon his arrival home, he was in complete amazement and stunned at how good the whole experience was. He was literally amazed and impressed at how Dr Ratto took the time to explain, inform and detail the what, why and next steps to move forward for better dental health. James was very impressed with the whole experience. I finally got to say “I TOLD YOU SO!”"

Patients are also saying...

"This is a perfect opportunity to thank Dr. Ratto and his staff for the care and patience shown to our family. Although we have only been patients for nine months, we feel we have accomplished so much and have established a wonderful relationship. We appreciate the way each of you remembers our daughters and their visits to the office, even when we have not accompanied them. Thank you for making those visits comfortable for them and putting them at ease. Dr. Ratto, while we realize your approach is also your passion, we hope you realize how much your demeanor and expertise mean to your patients. We feel as if finding your office has been our reward after enduring a long journey of hit-and-miss experiences."