Dental technology is always evolving, and Dr. Ratto stays current with the latest dental enhancements because he understands that this makes treatment more comfortable and efficient for patients.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are a crucial part of diagnosing conditions so you can receive necessary dental treatment. They allow Dr. Ratto to get a comprehensive look beyond your teeth and gums so that he can detect problems at an earlier stage. Digital x-rays offer countless benefits over traditional film x-rays.

  • Digital x-rays expose patients to 80% less radiation than traditional films.
  • Images can be viewed instantly so that Dr. Ratto can review them with you during your appointment.
  • Digital images are transferred quickly and easily, making it easier to coordinate treatment with other doctors if needed.
  • Digital x-rays are safer for the environment because no chemicals are used for developing.
  • Higher resolution makes diagnosis in the early stages much easier.