Can Preventative Care Help You Avoid Oral Cancer?

Preventative dental care in Turlock, CA is designed to help you avoid major dental problems in the future. When you think about the concept of general dentistry, it’s important to define what those problems are before you decide how important it is to see an oral healthcare professional on a regular basis.

Beyond tooth loss and gum recession (which are important enough on their own), the reality is that preventative care can also help you avoid a far more debilitating disease, like oral cancer. We’ll look at how these exams work at Progressive Health Dental and why you should know more about the investigatory techniques before deciding who to visit.

Abnormal Tissue

Preventative care appointments at our dental office start with a visual cancer screening, but it also includes a VELscope inspection. This technology will identify any abnormal tissues in the mouth that aren’t visible to the naked eye. The blue light from the VELscope is there to catch oral cancer at the earliest possible stage, so you can get the treatment you need before it has the chance to advance.

Find a Dentist in Turlock

Dr. Ratto at Progressive Health Dental knows that dentists in Turlock, CA don’t always take the same approach to the same problem. Some want to be more aggressive than others, recommending drastic action as a way to fully eliminate the problem. Others would rather be extremely conservative, ensuring that they can keep the mouth intact for as long as possible.

Dr. Ratto falls squarely in the former category, which is why he puts so much emphasis on preventative care. When you see where the problem begins, it’s a lot easier to both contain and treat it. Contact our office today to make an appointment for an oral cancer screening.

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