What is the Typical TMJ Treatment at the Dentist in Turlock, CA

Are you experiencing lockjaw or the inability to chew properly? Do you think you have TMJ? We offer extensive TMJ treatments in Turlock, CA. At Progressive Health Dental, our dentist will examine your jaw and facial muscles to determine if the cause of your pain is TMJ. From there, consider these treatments for this common oral condition.

What are TMJ Treatments

The most common way to treat TMJ or temporomandibular joint pain is through injectables. Your Turlock, CA, dentist will use a needle to inject a steroid, botox, and muscle relaxer into the joint area. The point of the injections is to reduce inflammation and nerve pain, which will help ease TMJ pain more successfully.

Through preventative care at the dentist, you are able to receive TMJ treatment in your community. A dentist can also offer prosthetic devices, such as overnight mouth guards, to wear to help reduce TMJ pain. Other possible treatments your dentist may recommend include oral surgery for TMJ relief.

Do I Need TMJ Treatment

If you are unable to open or close your mouth as a result of a previously diagnosed TMJ condition or pains in the temporomandibular joint, you want to seek the help of a medical professional. Our dental associates at Progressive Health Dental are ready to assist you and your loved ones with TMJ concerns. We can diagnose TMJ pain, as well as provide treatments and pain relief here at our dental office.

Try TMJ Treatments in Turlock, CA

Now that you have decided to start treating TMJ pain to reduce the symptoms associated with this common oral condition, we are available for new patients. Contact Progressive Health Dental at 209-667-1575 for TMJ treatments in Turlock, CA. Discover how life without TMJ pain can be for you or a loved one.

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