The Big Toothpaste Lie

Are you wondering what the big toothpaste lie is? Well, believe it or not, the amount of toothpaste you’re using probably isn’t what yourdentist in Turlock, CA recommends. Yet somehow, the big toothpaste lie continues to perpetuate.

So let’s bust this myth right now.

What Is the Big Toothpaste Lie?

Do you grab your toothbrush and slather a huge line of toothpaste across the top of it? If you’re like most people, you probably do. Well, that’s not what you’re supposed to do. But that’s what most people believe to be correct. It’s not! And that’s the big toothpaste lie.

How Did the Big Toothpaste Lie Come About?

Most toothpaste commercials show people slathering toothpaste across the top of their toothbrushes. But that’s not what your dentist recommends during apreventive care dental exam in Turlock, CA.

Toothpaste companies are in business to make money; the only way is to sell as much toothpaste as possible. That’s how the big toothpaste lie came about. We see the commercials and copy what they show us.

How Much Toothpaste Should You Really Be Using?

The amount of toothpaste recommended by your dentist depends on your age.

  • Adults – a pea-sized amount of toothpaste per use.
  • Children – a dab of toothpaste the size of a piece of rice until the child’s first tooth erupts around three years of age.

What Happens to Your Teeth If You Use Too Much Toothpaste?

Toothpaste is abrasive in nature. So when you use too much toothpaste along with aggressive brushing, it can damage your tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay.

Are You Looking for a Dentist in Turlock, CA?

Your dentist’s job is to ensure that you maintain a great smile while helping you maintain a good oral health regimen. But they can only do that if you continue to make regular dental care appointments. Contact Progressive Health Dental today to schedule a routine dental exam.

Why Dental Cleanings are Crucial For Your Health

Brushing and flossing are fundamental daily routines that we are all aware of, but this may not be enough throughout your life to prevent cavities and other oral diseases.

The team at Progressive Health Dental of Turlock, CA, is proud to serve the local community with outstanding dental care services, including regular dental cleanings, which is the first line of defense against more serious issues.

What’s Included in a Dental Cleaning?

Everyone should make dental cleanings part of their routine. A dental hygienist will get the spots that are hard to reach during brushing and flossing. The hygienist will use a pick and water jet and end with a dental polish to prevent plaque and bacteria until your next cleaning. Most commonly, cleanings are necessary every 4-6 months, depending on your needs and oral care habits.

Why Do I Need Regular Dental Cleanings?

Clean and shiny teeth aren’t the only benefit of dental cleanings. Here are some essential advantages of getting consistent quality and professional care:

Stop Cavities and Gum Disease

The sticky film you find on (and in between) your teeth is plaque, a bacterium. When plaque hardens, it turns into tartar, negatively affecting your health. Dental cleanings will remove all plaque and tartar you may have missed – meaning your chances of cavities and gingivitis are significantly reduced.

Early Warning System

Dental hygienists will sometimes call the dentist in to quickly check your oral health each time you go. This can help them identify minor issues, such as improper flossing, but could also catch cavities and some infections, which could be prevented early with proper care.

Controls Bad Breath

Dental cleanings can remove spots on your teeth, improving your smile’s quality, but the primary benefit is eliminating bacteria that cause bad breath. You will find that your teeth are whiter and your bad breath is under control with regular cleaning.

Your Local Quality Dentist

If you can’t recall the last time you had a cleaning, it’s time to get a professional to take a look. During your next visit with the competent team at Progressive Health Dental of Turlock, CA, you will receive the best care and guidance you and your family deserve.

Dental Scans Vs. X-Rays: Understanding the Difference

With all of the technology available, it’s easy for patients to get confused about what procedures are being ordered, how they’re being conducted, and what it’s all for. If you’re curious about scans and X-rays, it all comes down to what kind of dental practice you’re visiting and what conditions you have.

How X-Rays Work

X-rays use radiation to show the internal structure of the body. In the case of a dental image, that includes the jaw, oral cavity, and tooth structure. X-rays work well for the vast majority of dental procedures. The images represented can reveal anything from gum disease to cavities. In addition to showing teeth in sections, dentists can also use panoramic X-rays, which can help them quickly assess oral health trends that you may be experiencing.

How Scans Work

A dental CT scan is the most common exam for a dentist to schedule, and it’s usually done for those who need dental implants in Turlock, CA. This special type of X-ray equipment will show a 3D image of everything from nerve pathways to soft tissues within your mouth. The added definition can help dentists thoroughly evaluate you, so there are no questions about what to do next.

Find a Dentist in Turlock, CA

Dental practices may all make the same promises, but the truth is that services and results can vary greatly between them. There is so much available technology out there that it’s not as easy as learning a few basic facts about X-rays and scans. That’s why it’s so important for you to find a staff that can both choose the right machinery and use it as effectively as possible.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Turlock, CA who has done their homework about what kind of equipment they’re using and whether it will make a difference to their patients, contact Progressive Health Dental to schedule an appointment.

A Look at the Benefits of Partial Dentures  

Missing a few teeth in your smile may seem like only a cosmetic problem, but a few missing teeth can actually be a big deal. Considering partial dentures in Turlock, CA? If you are yet to make an appointment, you should know that partial dentures offer a lot of benefits. These dentures snap into place and have prosthetic teeth that fill in any missing gaps. Check out some top benefits of partial dentures.

Partial Dentures Reduce Stress on Existing Teeth

When you lose a tooth, the teeth surrounding that gap pick up the extra slack when you chew. Over time, this puts added stress on the remaining teeth, and, unfortunately, this can cause problems. The existing teeth may shift forward or backward or even become more prone to damage.

Partial Dentures Restore Your Chewing Power

When you have a few missing teeth, you will automatically start using your jaws differently when you chew to compensate for the change. If you are missing several teeth, you may also find it difficult to chew your food properly. This can lead to issues with digestion, choking hazards, and more. Partial dentures give you some of your chewing power back.

Partial Dentures Prevent Changes to Your Speech

The way your tinge moves against your teeth is responsible for what your speech sounds like when you talk. Therefore, losing just a few teeth can drastically alter how you sound when you speak. Partial dentures fill in the gaps in your smile, which also restores your normal sound-making capability.

Talk to a Turlock, CA Dentist About Partial Dentures

Ready to learn more about dentures? Be sure to work with a qualified dentist in Turlock, CA to see if partial dentures are the right solution. Reach out to us at Progressive Health Dental to schedule an appointment.